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Findlinge für die Gartengestaltung

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Boulders visual accents in the garden

In garden design today are boulders like used mainly to set visual accents. The result are the natural stones in the last ice age. Cleaved from rock rocks were they taken from glaciers and partly moved over very long distances. After the ice melts they are then left lying just at each location, hence the name of big stones. In this country we often find stones from Scandinavia or from the Alps. The natural stones, with us as boulders are called and offered, are rounded nature and usually too heavy to move it alone. This is important to note, you want to include boulders in his garden planning. Such stones are often found somewhere in nature or even in public places, they have been transported by people there.

refer boulders through specialized operation

Usually the term is Findling from a volume of about 1 cubic meter used, but in the parlance natural round stones of about 20 to 50 centimeters are often called distinction of edgy rock rocks than boulders. Like it is the price offered by our specialist of BioTopic GmbH Nordic boulder the size used 20-70 centimeters for Landscaping. Whether for looking stream or pond or in the rock garden or the construction of Fries ramparts, the stone can be used in many ways. The offer of our natural stone trade are different sizes of boulders, under it there is also a huge stones, which are then able to see more public facilities. Provided with a hole, you can see a boulder even for a garden fountain provide.

Boulders with variable Purpose

In addition to streams , ponds, frieze walls and rockeries further design possibilities for foundlings are possible in your garden. Applications range up to dry walls, also a foundling in herbal or in flower evaluates the appearance of the garden. Check out even once in our online shop at, you will surely find the right stone for your design consideration. Natural stone boulders also points due to the simple recovery with a very good price performance ratio. Boulders fit through their shapes and the natural color in many garden concepts. Try it once with a trio of different sized stones in the rock garden of! This appearance will surely please.

Boulders for walls Fries or Sourcestone

Boulders come in your garden very well on and in the water to bear. Thus can be created with these natural stones streams or ponds. If you combine the stones still with gravel, you can look forward to a wonderful natural waterhole. Smaller boulders can be very good to so-called Fries ramparts block by hand, which are fully decorated walls. They are usually as drywall built without mortar.
Also called source rocks boulders are often used. With a bore a natural garden fountain creates a water feature , which visually enhance any rock garden. Seek advice in this regard by our experts, we can drill on request every boulder from our exhibition, so you can use it in your garden as a water feature. Smaller boulders get well already drilled ready.

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